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What is FEMA?  The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is an agency of the United States Department of Homeland Security. The goal of FEMA is to "plan, prepare, and mitigate" before, during, and after manmade and natural disasters. SIEC has been awarded two FEMA Mitigation Grants in the last five years. The first FEMA Mitigation Grant was awarded in 2012 and the second was awarded in 2014. These funds were allocated for the purpose of strengthening the electric distribution system throughout the service territory to mitigate potential damage in the event of natural disasters.  This was done by constructing new overhead lines with bigger poles, shorter spans, new conductor, and "right sized" transformers. The 2012 FEMA Mitigation Grant was an 85/15 project meaning the grant paid for 85% of the project and SIEC paid for the remaining 15%. The 2014 grant was a 50/50 project. SIEC employees worked very hard to obtain these grant monies saving our members the cost of these much needed upgrades to our system.


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