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If you would like to run for SIEC's Board of Directors, or know of someone who would...


It's that time of year to contact a Nominating Committee Member with the name of your proposed SIEC Board Candidate to be voted upon at the 2019 SIEC Annual Meeting on September 5th. Please consider either running for the board yourself or submitting candidate names to a Nominating Committee member no later than April 15th.  Below are the members and contact info for the 2019 SIEC Nominating Committee...

Name:                         Phone:                E-Mail Address:                                    

Roger Bailey               641-208-0512               

Adam Baker                641-295-7069               

Carolyn Bohi               641-664-3023

Dewayne Cason         641-722-3262               

Gary Horn                   641-675-3356

Susan Hougland         641-777-5111

Shelly Koenig              641-664-2406

Lincoln Lynch              641-208-3649

Blake Robison             641-799-4517

James Schooley          641-664-7229               

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