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A message from your director, Dave Yahnke...


 Hi, I’m Dave Yahnke, a director with Southern Iowa Electric Cooperative. I suggest that we can be using more energy…yes you heard that right, more energy and   let me tell you why. SIEC recently changed our rate structure for our residential members. We now have included an on-peak demand charge AND lowered the   energy charge for each kilowatt hour used. Just as SIEC has always returned capital credits to our members based on their individual financial contribution; the   on-peak demand structure will make sure that each members is paying their fair share of total electric consumption. So that means you can use more electricity   during the week during off-peak hours and all weekend long! Just make note to shift or stagger your usage during the on-peak hours of 7-8 am and 4-8 pm   Monday–Friday. If you are in the habit of turning the dishwasher on right after supper; a simple change of setting the timer on the dishwasher to 8:05 pm will be a   step in the right direction. Let’s be conscious of WHEN we are using electricity and start using more energy wisely!




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