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SIEC Members Served by Additional WIND Generation


Southern Iowa Electric Cooperative Members Served by Additional Wind Generation

Southern Iowa Electric Cooperative, through its membership and ownership in Northeast Missouri Electric Power Cooperative and Associated Electric Cooperative Incorporated, will be receiving more electricity from wind sometime in 2020.  Associated Electric Cooperative Inc. announced on February 12, 2018 that they have entered into a long term purchased power agreement (PPA) with Omaha based Tenaska for the electric generation output from a 236 MW wind farm to be located in northwest Missouri.  The addition of this renewable energy resource brings the total wind generation capacity up to 986 MW that Associated can provide to its 51 distribution cooperative member/owners, including Southern Iowa Electric Cooperative.  The new wind farm joins 6 others from locations in Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma.  This expands the existing renewable portfolio to 10 locations in 4 states when accounting for energy received from federal hydropower dams including Table Rock Lake in Missouri, and 2 others in Arkansas and Oklahoma.

“What this means for members of Southern Iowa Electric Cooperative, including the Cities of Keosauqua and Bloomfield, is that 20 to 25% of the electricity that they use can and is currently coming from renewable resources.  The presence of wind and hydro in our generation portfolio compliments the combined cycle natural gas, natural gas peaking units, and coal fired assets that have served our 4 county service territory reliably for a number of years.  Through economies of scale and diversity of our sources of generation, SIEC has leveraged our member’s cooperative investments to reduce the risk of the unknowns associated with today’s energy markets. This enables rate stability long into the future”, says Greg Proctor, SIEC General Manager.  

The addition to Associated Electric’s geographically dispersed wind farms helps manage the intermittent nature of wind power. This is when the economies of scale are most effective.  When 3 electric cooperatives from Iowa, 9 from Oklahoma, and 39 Missouri cooperatives act together, the 910,000 collective members ALL benefit from the diversity of electric generation available from 17 locations and that prioritizes the most cost effective fuel source to meet the needs of its members.  This has never been as evident as it has been this winter as all-time energy peaks were reached and met without purchasing power from outside the Associated cooperative system.  The benefit of communities and cooperatives working together; not independently.


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