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As a member-owner of Southern Iowa Electric Cooperative, members have an element of local control that many other utility consumers do not. Members can seek consideration as candidates for the position of Director in addition to nominating other members to be considered for the position of Director. Each member also has the right to vote on candidates at the Annual Meeting, which is scheduled for September 5, 2019. A nominating committee is appointed each year by the Board of Directors in March and nominations are sought shortly afterwards. If you are interested in becoming a candidate or nominating another member to be a candidate for the position of Director, please mail suggestions to: SIEC, ATTN: Nominating Committee, PO Box 70 Bloomfield, IA 52537.  A member may also seek nomination by submitting a petition, with a minimum of 15 members' signatures, supporting their candidacy. To ensure consideration, letters must reach the Cooperative’s office no later than April 15th, 2019. Directors must be willing to attend board meetings regularly which are normally scheduled for the 4th Thursday of each month. A ballot listing the names of all persons so nominated will then be mailed to all members with the official notice of the Annual Meeting. Members can mail their marked ballots to the Cooperative’s office or vote in person at the Annual Meeting.

Current Board of Directors:

  • Darrell Downing, President
  • Paul Wells, Vice President
  • Joy Evans, Secretary
  • Dave Yahnke, Treasurer
  • Trent Gregory
  • Earl Trachsel
  • Travis  Harris
  • Beth Sullivan
  • Fred Zeitler




You may vote by mail or in person at our Annual Meeting held at our headquarters in September each year.

Average Voter Turnout:

2013      695 out of 3,844 members or 18.1%

2014      670 out of 3,847 members or 17.4%

2015      704 out of 3,868 members or 18.2%

2016      735 out of 3,912 members or 18.8%

2017      684 out of 3,863 members or 17.7%

2018      612 out of 3,976 members or 15.4%

This compares to University of Wisconsin researchers elections data covering 144 larger U.S. Cities, depicting a decline in voter turnout in odd-numbered years over the previous decade. Dropping from a high of 26.6% in 2001 to a low of 18.3% in 2009.



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