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Current Rebates available to SIEC Members...


Current REBATES available to SIEC Members:


Electric Water Heaters:                                                                                                                

  • Gas Replacement or New Installation…..$300
  • Electric Replacement…..$250                                                                                                                                           

Electric Heat Pump Water Heaters:

  • Gas Replacement or New Installation…..$750
  • Electric Replacement…..$700                                                                                                                            

 Heating & Cooling:

  • Ground Source Heat Pump—New Installation with loops 19.1 EER…..$750/ton
  • Ground Source Heat Pump—Replacement of indoor unit only 19.1 EER…..$400/ton
  • Dual Fuel Air Source Heat Pump —17.0 SEER…$250/ton
  • Mini Split Air Source Heat Pump —17.0 SEER…$250/ton                                                                                        


Home Energy Audit (Cost of Audit to Member)….. $50                                                                                         

The energy audit will consist of the following:

1. A blower door test which pressurizes the building to locate places of air leakage and energy loss.

2. Inspect rim joists, windows, doors, recessed lighting, electrical outlets and switches for air leaks.

3. Document all air leaks as candidates for sealing.

4. Check of the heating system filter.

5. Check the heating/air conditioning ductwork for air leaks if accessible.

6. Check the temperature setting on the water heater.

7. Install cooperative provided hot water pipe wrap from the top of the water heater up to 10’ if accessible.

8. Install cooperative provided low flow dual spray faucet aerator (with the owner’s permission only).

9. Inspect attic and wall insulation and determine if any additional insulation is needed.

10. Inspect crawl space and basement, if present, for any energy efficiency opportunities.

11. Determine the presence of CFL’s. Leave provided CFL’s and install (if agreed to by home owner).

Included in the cost of the audit is an energy weatherization kit valued at over $50. The kit includes *hot water pipe wrap (10’), *5 CFL’s, insulation kits for electrical outlets and wall switches, *low flow dual spray faucet aerator, LED night light, foam sealant, caulk, caulking gun, and weather stripping (* indicates items that are installed by the auditor).

Upon completing the work recommended in the audit, the member will provide Southern Iowa Electric Cooperative with invoices documenting the work.  An inspection will be made to determine if the work has been completed.  Then an incentive of up to 50% of the cost with a cap of $500 will be paid for the corrective weatherization actions taken. Corrective actions must be completed within six months of the audit date.

For Rebate Eligibility & Qualifications see Rebate Application Forms available at






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