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Pole Inspections


ANNUAL POLE INSPECTION...Southern Iowa Electric Cooperative takes pride in the reliability of the electric service that we provide to our member/owners. A portion of this achievement can be attributed to an aggressive system wide maintenance program that includes an annual pole inspection completed on a 10 year cycle. In 2020, SIEC has procured the services of RAM Utilities, LLC pole testing to complete this task. They are a respected company within the industry who bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the SIEC electric distribution system. 
The process of pole inspection requires that a representative from RAM Utilities physically tests every pole within the designated substation area. As a result, in many cases it is necessary to enter onto private property to complete the test. Personnel will be required to have the appropriate identification and will be making an attempt to contact land owners before or at the time of the inspection. 
Our member’s, the general public, and employee’s safety is a priority at Southern Iowa Electric Cooperative which can only be achieved through hazard recognition. Identifying poles in need of replacement is the purpose of this inspection process. Those deemed inadequate will be replaced in a timely manner to insure both electric service reliability and safety.
Starting in mid to late March, Ram Utilities personnel will be in the Troy substation area to begin the pole inspection process. If you have questions or concerns in regards to pole testing, please contact our office at 1-800-607-2027.

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